Open Your Inbox and Read Your Mail

You view your list of mail messages in the Mail Inbox. Messages you have not read display as red or bold text. You determine how unread messages display by setting a Mail preference. After you read the message, it appears unbold in black text in your list of messages.

To Read Your Mail

  1. Click the arrow next to Mail, and then click Inbox.
  2. Double-click any message to open and read the message.
  3. Click one of the arrows at the top of the message up arrow that displays in an open message or down arrow that displays in an open message to move to the next or previous mail message.

Note You can read encrypted mail only if the mail file contains an imported Notes ID.

To View Unread Messages Only

  1. Click the arrow on the Mail tab, and then click Inbox.
  2. Click View - show unread only.

You can mark a message read or unread yourself. For more information, see Mark Messages Read or Unread.

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