Install Domino Sync Manager or DWA Sync

When you install the Lotus Domino Sync Manager or Lotus DWA Sync, you install a "subscription" of your mail file. A subscription is a local copy of your mail file that you synchronize with your mail file that is stored on the server. Make sure you have encrypted your mail file before you install. You cannot encrypt your mail file after you install it.

Install the Domino Sync Manager if you use Microsoft Internet Explorer or Firefox on a Win32 platform. For Mozilla or Firefox on Linux clients, install the DWA Sync tool.

  1. From Domino Web Access, click the arrow next to Online, and then click "Install subscription." Tip: Online is located at the top of Domino Web Access, next to Preferences.
  2. When prompted, click yes to install Lotus Domino Sync Manager or DWA Sync.
  3. Accept the license agreement.
  4. When prompted, select the folder where you want to install your offline mail.
  5. Browse to select your Notes ID if prompted for one.
  6. When prompted, enter and confirm a Web application password. (This is your Notes ID password.)

Installing on a Linux Client

When you install DWA sync on a Linux client, the software may be unable to determine the amount of available disk space, in the /home/<user> directory. When that happens, a notification dialog displays during the install process notifying you how much disk space is needed, and prompting you to check the available disk space in /home/<user> before installing DOLS. This dialog is not a warning or error; it is informational only because the software cannot determine the amount of free disk space.

For addition information on installing offline on a Linux client, see Troubleshooting DWA Offline on a Linux Client.

Set Domino Sync Manager Synchronization Password

When you go offline with Domino Sync Manager you may have trouble logging into the database offline if you have encrypted your mail database and your Internet password is different from your Notes password. After you have installed the Domino Sync Manager, you may want to set the Synchronization Password to your Notes password. To set the Synchronization Password, open Domino Sync Manager, select the mail file subscription, and then select the Properties - Security dialog.

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